Free Replication with Overland Storage SnapSAN

Share and Protect Data Globally… for FREE

When it comes to the SnapSAN S1000 and replication, we’re delivering a solution that not only guarantees access to your protected information quickly and easily, we’re also delivering it for FREE! For a limited time, purchase an eligible SnapSAN S1000 and the replication license is on us.

When you combine a critical feature like replication with the Overland Storage SnapSAN S1000 technology, you get a solution that is:

- Safe: Schedule asynchronous replications to provide complete data protection in the event of a disaster
- Smart: Save time and bandwidth by replicating changes only to the data
- Simple: Replicate data across the hall or across the globe
- Scalable: Effortlessly expand your data storage infrastructure with solutions that scale up to 240TB

Frequently Asked Questions

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