Mobotix Release New Innovative Solutions

For the first time in it's history, MOBOTIX AG is releasing four innovative products at the same time. This release will keep MOBOTIX AG at the technological forefront of the IP CCTV industry.

The introduction of a new 5 Megapixel Sensor (5MP) will greatly enhance image quality in the entire range of products. Image detail is improved by 27 percent. The immensely enhanced light-sensitivity plays a key role in security and monitoring applications. Along with an improved zoom capability, MOBOTIX cameras now provide more flexibility during daily usage. Also the higher frame rate of up to 30 fps@MEGA resolution is a major enhancement. The 5MP night sensor will now produce a 3.1 megapixel image instead of the current 1.3MP.

Our game-changing technology MxActivitySensor will be available free of charge via a simple firmware update for all current MOBOTIX cameras. The MxActivitySensor is a software-based image analysis function for detecting movement in a monitored area. The objective of the MxActivitySensor is to reduce configuration time and false alarms to a minimum.

The S15 FlexMount with 5MP Sensors still features discretion, flexibility and the hemispheric capabilities as the current S14 FlexMount model. However, with the 5MP Sensors, all the new features regarding image enhancements are available. The S15 FlexMount continues the standard features such as IP65; two separately connected sensors to monitor two rooms with one camera; functional expansion via MiniUSB and MXBus connections.

The D15D DualDome with 5MP Sensors ensures brilliant 2 x 3MP dual images. All the benefits of the 5MP, along with the optimized architecture of the D15D, produce an image of such high quality it will astound its users. The video-streaming is now even smoother due to the higher frame rates, image quality and 4 times improved light-sensitivity.

This new product range from Mobotix is available via CNS now, email for more information or to be sent a datasheet on the new ranges.


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