Milestone Systems


Milestone Systems manufacture the award winning Milestone IP Video Management Solution capable of managing and distributing video data anywhere in the world at any time of the day. This system is already in use in more than a 100,000 installations around the world.

The Milestone System utilises an open platform solution allowing for the development of functionality and integration with other complimentary solutions. We often install the Milestone Software solution with Mobotix and Netgenium Systems to form a brilliant IP based security system.

Milestone has a solution for all types of installations, whether it is a single few cameras, or a large multi-site, multi-server outlay there is a Milestone Solution available.


Milestone Software Solutions

The Milestone Systems XProtect range provide various options to suit different companies and organisation, all of the solutions incorporate the open video enabled platform that is future proofed thanks to the scalable technology solution.

The Milestone Security Software solutions open platform as mentioned previously provides the ability for the user to connect a vast array of products, this allow for the Milestone system to compliment your existing system and enable you to get more out of it.

The Milestone solution is video enabled, meaning you’re able to combine all your video resources from various independent systems into one place.

Finally, the Milestone software is extremely flexible and can grow with your business and your budget as a result of the licensing model Milestone implements.

The Milestone range can be viewed below; alternatively you can view the Milestone comparison chart to help you make your decision.


Milestone XProtect – Corporate

Who’s it for: Large Scale Organisations
Cameras Support: Unlimited
Datasheet : Xprotect Corporate (700)

Milestone XProtect – Expert

Who’s it for: Medium-Large Scale Organisations (Stadiums/Warehouses)
Cameras Support: Unlimited
Datasheet : XProtect Expert (404)

Milestone XProtect – Enterprise

Who’s it for: Medium-Large Organisations
Cameras Supported: Unlimited (corporate rec. for 250+)
Datasheet : Xprotect Professional (700)

Milestone XProtect – Professional

Who’s it for: Medium Sized Organisations
Cameras Supported: 64
Datasheet: Xprotect Enterprise (693)

Milestone XProtect – Express

Who’s it for: Small Sized Organisations
Cameras Supported: 48
Datasheet: Xprotect Express (703)

Milestone XProtect  – Essential

Who’s it for: Single-Site Small Sized Organisations
Cameras Supported: 26
Datasheet: XProtect Essential (415)

Comparison Chart :  Xprotect Comparison Chart (704)