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Mobotix have made a great name for themselves over the years, and their range of IP-CCTV cameras are now in use all around the world in thousands of institutions. The Mobotix Camera system utilises a decentralized concept, which means you get a brilliant high-resolution IP-CCTV system at a lower cost of ownership.

We have summarised a few solutions from the great Mobotix Camera portfolio including the Mobotix Q25 Dome Camera, the Mobotix T25 IP Video Door Station, the Mobotix M25 All-round IP camera, the Mobotix D25 MonoDome, the Mobotix D15 DualDome, the Mobotix c25 Hemispheric, the Mobotix i25 Hemispheric and finally the Mobotix S15D Dual Hemispheric camera. Which provide just a sneak peek at what’s on offer.

The Mobotix system can be combined with other brilliant solutions from both Netgenium, Milestone Systems and Synology that will provide you with a more complete IP security system.


Mobotix Q25 Dome Camera


The Mobotix Q25 IP-CCTV Camera is the Mobotix flagship product. The weatherproof PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) dome camera provides a full 360◦ all-round view with continuous 8x zoom. This combination allows you to use a single Mobotix Camera to cover an entire room in high resolution.

The Mobotix Q25 is extremely versatile and ideal for a wide range of varying environments and requirements.


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Mobotix T25 IP Video Door Station

The Mobotix T25 IP video door station is one of the more recent Mobotix technological advances, providing a modern and powerful video door solution. Based on the international VoIP/SIP video telephony standards the Mobotix T25 solution provides a two-way video connection that can be viewed anywhere in the world, providing the user with control of access.

The Mobotix T25 also comes with an integrated messaging function allowing messages to be created and left at the door, and offers keyless access securely through PIN code or an RFID transponder.


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Mobotix M25 All-Around IP Camera


The Mobotix M25 IP Camera provides an extremely cost effective solution, with a huge range of lenses available combining to make this an extremely powerful Mobotix Camera.

This IP-CCTV camera is weatherproof and thanks to Mobotix using no moving parts within its IP Camera range is robust with low maintenance costs.



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Mobotix D25 MonoDome Camera


The Mobotix D25 MonoDome includes cutting-edge technology which allows up to 30 HiRes images per second with great image quality under poor lighting conditions.

The Mobotix D25 camera allows exchangeable lenses from telephoto to wide-angle with this and also numerous installation options both indoors and outdoors makes the Mobotix D25 perfectly suited for any task.

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Mobotix D15 DualDome Camera


The Mobotix D15 DualDome includes two lenses which allows you to point the separate cameras in different directions to secure a larger area with just one camera. The two lenses means two HiRes images will be recorded up to 6 megapixels with internal storage up to 64 GB.



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Mobotix c25 Hemispheric Camera

The Mobotix c25 is the lightest and smallest camera Mobotix has in their product range. It comes fully equipped with 6MP capability and internal storage. This camera is supplied with 3 clips to easily be mounted in a suspended ceiling.



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Mobotix i25 Hemispheric Camera


The Mobotix i25 is a hemispheric camera with 6MP Moonlight Technology and will be wall mounted with a tilt angle of 15 degree to achieve a perfect panoramic overview of a room. If mounted above the door the i25 looks even partially underneath or into the door.



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Mobotix S15D Dual Hemispheric Camera

Mobotix S14D IP-CCTV

The Mobotix S15D FlexMount IP-CCTV solution is the worlds first double hemispheric camera. Utilising a compact design provides a highly concealable solution, that is fully weatherproof and capable of capturing up to six megapixel resolution.

The innovative twin hemispheric camera approach provides a highly versatile IP solution that can be used in a wide variety of scenarios further increased with the vast array of lenses available for this flexible IP-CCTV camera.

This Mobotix solution is already being used in the UK to monitor two rooms at one time and to record hall ways from two different perspectives. The nature of this brilliant solution provides so many different ways that it can be utilised that it is certainly worth being considered for any IP-CCTV requirement.
Mobotix Complete Portfolio (523)

CNS bring a vast wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to installing and cabling Mobotix IP Cameras. We have installed the IP-CCTV solution into a huge variety of establishments with varying requirements.