Netgenium Systems

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Netgenium is an award winning manufacturer of PoE technology, specialising in areas such as Door Entry Systems and Access Control Products.

The Netgenium solution goes hand-in-hand with the likes of our Mobotix IP CCTV Solution and Milestone Video Surveillance systems. A lot of our customers have combined the three technologies together to create a highly effective IP based surveillance system.

Please see below for more information on the Door Entry System, Access Control Products and the other offerings available from Netgenium.


Access Control Products

The Netgenium Access Control Product line includes the likes of their IP Lock Controllers, Wiegand and Biometric Readers, which all run on the Netgenium Policy Server software forming an award winning Access Control System utilising some of the latest Access Control Technology.

IP Lock Controllers

The IP Lock Controllers are both flexible and scalable, and can be combined with any Wiegand reader. The Netgenium PoE lock comes in 3 different models with varying functionality.

Wiegand Readers

The Second Access Control Product from Netgenium is the Wiegand readers, incorporating HID’s 13.5Mhs iClass smart card technology. These series of readers are a perfect complimentary solution for the Netgenium IP Lock controllers above.

Biometric Readers

The final Access Control solution from Netgenium is the Biometric Reader, also powered from PoE, and will simply sit on your local area network. This Access Control Solution allows for web browser configuration and also server based authentication. Download the datasheets for any of these Access Control Products below.

Door Entry Systems

The Netgenium Door Entry System comprises of a PoE powered IP intercom device that can be configured into different modes for operation; one telephony based and the other browser based. Combine this solution with the Netgenium Access Control IP Lock and you will have a complete door entry system at your fingertips

Audio and Lighting Solutions

Netgenium provide an Audio solution that can be either wall or ceiling mounted, these can then be used for scheduled announcements or live announcements done via a third party integration IP Telephony handsets and CCTV console GUIs.

Netgenium's Intelligent Lighting product suite provides the ability to control both traditional mains voltage lighting and IP PoE LED lighting.

Policy Server

Policy Server is the centralised management software that sits at the core of every Netgenium system. The flexible policy rulebase allows any event to trigger any combination of actions and outputs on Netgenium end devices or integrated third party systems.

More information on these solutions can be found on the datasheets below.