Storage Solutions

Synology is dedicated to develop high-performance, reliable, versatile, and environmentally-friendly NAS servers. Our goal is to deliver agile and cost-effective solutions, solid customer service, and ultimately to ensure individuals and business the versatility of choices.

Synology provides a solution that is affordable and that can be used by an individual to a small-medium sized business, with the Synology product range it can fulfill different user needs.

Responsive and flexible data management is a crucial challenge for today's users. Home users and businesses alike must find ways to harness their ever increasing data and to use it efficiently. Taking innovation as the key drive, Synology NAS solutions encompass complete product lines of storage hardware, the software operating system, and a diverse array of services and applications.

Central Management System

Synology Central Management System (CMS) is designed for multi-site and multi-server surveillance deployments. CMS provides surveillance personnel with an effective solution to monitor and manage surveillance deployment of all scales. The hierarchy consists of a host server who has total control over all other recording servers across different locations. IT administrators can enjoy the following benefits from CMS deployment: efficient management, flexible deployment, and proactive control.

Enjoy up to 64 channels of live view in HD on each monitoring screen. Synology NAS servers act as dedicated NVR to host IP cameras and be deployed across different geological locations. The CMS host centralizes live feeds and recording footages to allow management via a single web portal.