IP Access Control

CNS Ltd is a UK supplier and installer of IP Access Control Products and Door Entry Systems. Our preferred manufacturer of these technologies is Netgenium Systems, an award winning company in the field of IP Power over Ethernet (PoE) technologies and our wireless access control choice is Aperio, and the Mobotix IP Door Station.

What are IP Access Control Products and Door Entry Systems?

IP Access Control Products and IP Door Entry Systems work as normal non-IP based solutions would, except they work over internet protocol (IP) and plug into your network via an Ethernet Port. Enabling you to manage the entry system to and around your building via a web browser and software system.

Access Control Technology come with many advantages like other IP technologies including IP Phone systems, and IP-CCTV systems.

Benefits of an IP Access Control System


Cost of Ownership

IP Access Control products are capable of running both power and data through PoE via your Ethernet port. The effects of this is that you have an extremely easy to install access control system, lowering installation charges and cables that other systems demand.

Easy Management and Installation

The IP Access Control products run over IP, granting the user access via software and a web browser. This access control technology allows for easy management and installation of your IP solution, and allows you to control access throughout your building anywhere in the world from your device.

Enhanced Security

IP Door Entry Systems and Access Control Products create a highly secure working area. Access control technologies are capable of recording where people go, and the time and date they went there. It also provides the user the option to restrict access in certain areas to key personnel.

The area of IP Access Control Technology is a rapidly growing and innovative area, the combination of lower costs, easy management and installation with the enhanced security features provides a good argument for this system to be used in your workplace.


For more information about new IP Access Control products visit our Netgenium Systems, Aperio and Mobotix product pages.