CNS have been providing IP-CCTV camera solutions for the last few years, we have witnessed a huge demand to provide these cameras for CCTV coverage in schools and general business. At CNS we supply the Mobotix IP-CCTV camera solution, Mobotix is a highly innovative security company and have been recognised as pioneers in the industry. We also supply the Milestone Systems video surveillance software to compliment our IP-CCTV solutions.

What is IP-CCTV?

IP-CCTV Solutions are very much like a traditional analogue security camera with some key differences. An IP-CCTV Camera works like a computer; it will sit on your network and transmit compressed video imagery via IP (Internet Protocol) across your infrastructure.

Benefits of using IP-CCTV cameras as your security solution


High Resolution

IP security cameras utilise high resolution technology, and are capable of recording in 3 megapixel quality and higher. What this means to the user is that they’re able to zoom into images more so than other technologies without image deterioration. This comes into a field of its own when a user wants to record vehicle registration numbers. It also provides you with more options of how you can use your security system, with this level of image quality you can use a single camera to record a much larger area than a traditional analogue camera.

Storage benefits

IP-CCTV solutions come armed with video suppression systems to reduce your storage requirements. The security systems exploit techniques such as ‘interaframe compression’ and ‘interframe compression’; in a nutshell these techniques intelligently select the pixels to be stored, reducing the size of your video feed.

Remote Access

The IP-CCTV camera as mentioned previously sits on your network as a computer would and transfers its video feed via the network through an Ethernet port. Combining this with Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology means you can also power your camera through the network. It also provides you the ability to remotely access your IP-CCTV solution via an internet browser, in a similar way to how you would access a computer on a shared network.


CNS Ltd is able install all of our IP-CCTV solutions, for more information on our Mobotix IP-CCTV solutions visit their product page.