CNS Ltd provide a range of IT Data Storage Solutions including SAN and NAS technologies and Tape Storage options, from award winning manufacturer Synology.

CNS have a great knowledgebase of storage solutions  and are more than happy to discuss your storage requirements in more detail and answer any questions you may have.

Each of the storage technologies below offers a compelling argument to be your next storage solution; to help you review which solution is best for you we have briefly discussed each one below.


Storage Area Network Solutions (SAN Devices)

Storage Area Network Solutions, better known as the SAN solutions is a collection of shared data storage devices that allow resources to be shared over multiple servers (LAN or WAN).

SAN Technology provides you with the ability to manage and utilise your disk space.  It provides you access to all your data storage in a central location for you to manage. SAN Devices are also highly scalable with high availability.

The SAN Data storage solution will greatly decrease your backup times and usually offer a range of different types of connectivity options to suit your infrastructure environment.

Network Attached Storage (NAS Devices)

Network Attached Storage, better known as the NAS solution is an out-the-box ready storage system. The NAS drive is a great storage solution to attach onto your network, providing various users access to shared services.

NAS devices are highly flexible and scalable, this allows the solution to grow with your company, and provides you the option to expand at a pace that suits your environment.  The NAS data storage solution can be placed at multiple sites and be developed into a disaster recovery solution.

Data Tape Storage

Tape storage solutions have been used in business for many years, and whilst many thought this storage solution was on its way out, thanks to some innovative developments in the area it has stayed strong and looks set to grow.

Tape storage solutions scale up to huge figures and ideal for the large data company data centres, the design of this storage solution means you can grow your storage by adding additional tape drives to your storage device.  Tape storage is an extremely reliable storage solution and brings a lot to the table.


For more information on what storage solutions are available have a look at our Synology partner page.