Welcome to our dedicated Online Support pages and portals, for requesting Technical Support matters on all of your CNS LLP Supported Products.

Please take some time to read and review our services below, alternatively if you wish to go directly to one of our Support Portals please select the link below:  

First time users will require a Username and Password. Please click on the appropriate link above and complete the details, your details will then be processed by CNS LLP and access will be given dependent upon the level of Service Contract purchased.

Technical matters logged via our online system can be made 24x7, 365 days of the year. This is the preferred method and will have the highest priority for support.

Annual Service  Contract Types

Silver Support - Web based portal, email and phone care

Gold Managed Support - As above, in addition change requests, priority call backs, config backups, admin tasks. (Please speak with your Sales Representative for further information or for a 'bespoke' Gold Managed Service Contract.


If you have a Silver or Gold Support contract or have been instructed by one of our staff you can e-mail Technical Support. These messages go directly to the coordinator’s mailbox and are assigned in the order they are received. Please ensure you provide the details requested below under ' Responsibilities'.


Customers can call in on +44 (0) 1473 281211, 9am to 5pm, 5 days a week excluding public holidays.

The calls will be answered in the order in which they are received and a priority “triage” system is used to deal with critical issues first if calls cannot be dealt with immediately. If no one is available to answer your call, messages can be left on the help desk voice mailbox.

Responsibilities of Those Making a Request for Support

Whenever possible, callers should contact the Help Desk while in front of the equipment or at the required console. All requests will be entered and updated on our on-line Support System. Callers may be asked to provide the following information when making a request:

1.User’s and Company name

2.User’s contact details

3.Full description of problem(s)

4.Full description of error message(s)

5.Recent change(s) possibly related?

6.Diagnosis already carried out?

7.Screen shot(s)

All contacts should be made via a single authorised End User contact where possible. An authorised contact is someone in your organisation who is recognised by CNS Ltd as authorised to contact CNS Ltd for support.

CNS Ltd will confirm all support charges have been paid before responding to any support queries, this is a quick process so please ensure your Support and Maintenance does not lapse and cause a delay in your service. A unique support contract should be in place, however should a contract not be in place you will be referred to our Sales team.

All Change Requests for Managed Service customers will be logged on our Support Website(s) Requests for work will be scheduled according to an assigned priority and availability of staff resources

1.During normal hours, the telephone is answered as soon as possible. Users have the option of

2.leaving a voicemail message during regular hours or after hours.

All calls will receive a response within 8 hours, or the next business day to verify a problem and/or set up time for resolution.

Priorities and Response Times

These are what we endeavour to work toward but are in no way set out as a legal or contractual agreement that either party has entered in to.

Support requests will be processed using the following categories for priority “when requested” by the

Customer are assigned in the following order:

•Severe: Receives attention within 2 hours depending on the engineer’s assessment.

•High: Receives attention within 8 hours.

•Medium: These will receive attention within 24hrs but most probably within 8hrs.

•Low: will be scheduled for resolution within 2-3 working days. Low priority generally includes requests for new functionality such as software upgrades.

In most cases issues are resolved swiftly. Should an issue have to be raised on the Manufacturer or Vendor then we can only advise on their response times, these being out side of our control.


CNS Ltd shall invoke the escalation process where necessary, to ensure that all Support requests submitted by the Customer will be actively progressed. This is upon request of the Customer.

Network infrastructure

CNS Ltd will not manage and troubleshoot network file servers, network operating systems, network printing services, web servers, and other network hardware and software components that fall outside of the products we have sold and or support.